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Service concept: the customer is always right
This is not a simple slogan, at any time, any place, any problem, the one in the wrong is always only the manufacturer, the customer is not forever, no matter this thing appearances Is it right? Customers. Don't put the customer first, that's impossible.
1 treat customers with two principles:
Principle: the customer is always right;
Principle two: even if the customer is wrong, please refer to the principle of execution.
2 if the customer found us, it is our responsibility, any moment cannot refuse.
3 customers things are urgent, not size, customers are more small events.
4 service personnel should represent the company apologized to customers, eliminating the customer dissatisfaction.
5 service personnel should represent the customer complaints to production factory, the customer feedback information in a timely manner to the company's system and tracking results.
6 did not reach the acme of perfection products, but there are one hundred percent satisfied with the service, we should take the one hundred percent enthusiasm make up 1/10000 of the possible mistakes in the process of production. The 7 service to play in a top ten, after the top front role, even if the customer to the product produced dissatisfaction, also want to make him feel more than the expected value of service on the outside to enjoy.
8 customer satisfaction is the standard: let the customer feel value for money through your service.
9 each customer is potential complainants, to seriously deal with each customer service every time.
10 service is a product, also should pass the audit staff special inspection, the standard is the customer satisfaction.

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